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Surprise Egg Bath Bomb Ocean Series


Each bath bomb comes with 1 (one) adorable ocean animals from the ocean series. Hidden in the bath bombs, it will only be revealed in water or cracked open.

Comes in our bestseller scent of Lavender x Chamomile, the naturally pleasing scent comes 100% from the ingredients with no artificial fragrances addedDrop 1 for a standard bath tub.

The french clay used are mined and sun dried from France, full of minerals and great for a detox bath for the little ones and grown-ups too! A dairy-free & vegan bath bomb, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. There is no need to rinse the body after soaking in the bath bomb water; leaving all the goodness on the skin, for healthier & moisturized skin.

The toy figurines from Safari Ltd are designed especially for children’s safety and fun, and there aren’t any small parts or toxic materials to worry about. Non-toxic and free of harmful lead and other chemicals, including additives like phthalates and BPAs.

Ingredients : French clay, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, zea mays (corn) starch (NON-GMO), organic red beet root powder, clitoria ternatea powder, arthrospira platensis powder, rolled oats, avocado oil, lavender 100% pure essential oil and chamomile 100% pure essential oil.

100% naturally created with:
No sulphates
No parabens
No phthalates
No propylene glycol
No alcohol
No artificial colours
No artificial fragrances
No triclosan
No silicones  

About Gentle Me

Our hand-made GENTLE ME mini bath bomb is made from all-natural ingredients with no chemicals added, non-toxic, organic as best as we can, gluten free, and handcrafted with love in Singapore.

Store in a cool and dry place, a sealed storage box will be perfect for the scent to last longer! Use within 3 months from date of production.

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All goods sold are non-returnable unless defective items.

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